Celebrating International Women’s Day | 5 minutes with…Abi Fisher
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Celebrating International Women’s Day | 5 minutes with…Abi Fisher

Celebrating International Women’s Day | 5 minutes with…Abi Fisher  

Meet our founder, Abi Fisher!

Abi founded the exclusive Abi Fisher Collection in 2011 as a luxury showroom in the heart of Cheshire, housing a curated edit of niche, European brands alongside bespoke styling advice.

Fast forward to 2021 and the business has grown rapidly, having diversified during the global pandemic as both an online and bricks-and-mortar collection.

We caught up with Abi on International Women’s Day and the 10 year anniversary of the exclusive Abi Fisher Collection to talk all things female…


Q: Hi Abi! Who is your most inspirational female icon and why?

My Mum. My family have been in the ‘rag trade’ for as long as I can remember and that meant I was exposed to the clothing industry since childhood, developing a real passion for clothing, fashion, style and fabrics!

I enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the trade from my Mother and listening to her business conversations day-to-day, experiencing her drive, motivation and enthusiasm for the industry – it was empowering and inspirational to me.


Q: How has the global pandemic impacted the Abi Fisher Collection and what would your advice be to other business owners? 

Quite simply, we’ve had to learn to be truly adaptable and diversify our business model in a time of uncertainty. I built the business as a brick-and-mortar concept back in 2011, housing luxury, niche European brands to sell in our Cheshire showroom whilst offering personal styling advice to our clients.

The global pandemic has changed the shopping landscape considerably and we had to find a way to be visible and appealing to clients during the multiple lockdowns. As such, we launched our online business www.abifisher.co.uk last year and have never looked back! We’ve scaled up and elevated every aspect of our business to cater for an ever-evolving digital world. It’s exciting. Watch this space!


Q: What advice would you give to women wanting to start their own business?

Believe in yourself. Keep the end goal in mind and don’t give up! It’s tough and you need to dedicate a lot of time and energy into nurturing, developing, launching, maintaining, evolving your business…but it’s worth it.


Q: What is your personal motto/mantra?

“Make each day your masterpiece”.

Every day in fashion is different and navigating our way through a global pandemic with a small business has been challenging. But I strive to always make the very best of every situation.

The launch of our website has proven that as the challenge turned into an opportunity and one that has become an exciting, ever-evolving landscape for us to embrace with open arms!

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