The blink-and-you-miss-it pace of the fashion industry is well documented. Most designers and brands continuously send out fresh collections to satisfy our thirst for new things to wear. Shock-waves ripple through the internet with every incoming hit including celebrity inspired designs, runway pieces and blog inspirations and so the battle to own them begins.

Abi Fisher stood at the shop in Cheshire with clothing in the background

So, where does this leave the lady who loves to shop but wants to keep a sense of individuality and ease within her wardrobe?

Meet Abi Fisher – exposed to the fashion world from a young age, Abi now travels Europe in search of unique and exceptional quality clothing, delivering them to the wardrobes of the region’s most inspirational women.

Housed in a beautifully converted barn in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, the Abi Fisher exclusive collection of clothing has grown rapidly since 2011 and offers clients, through private appointment and designated open days, access to clothing and style advice that cannot easily be found on the high street.

Abi’s hand-picked European delights sourced from a vast collection of luxurious brands and sophisticated bespoke styling service removes the chaos of the fashion world and provides a unique service tailored for the lady who doesn’t want to be faced with eighty almost identical dresses but wants to be presented with the perfect look suited just for her.

Now Abi Fisher clients can enjoy the same bespoke service online.