How To Create The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe – Abi Fisher
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How To Create The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe


Hi Sally! We’re delighted to be chatting to you today. Are you able to explain what the benefit is of having a capsule wardrobe?

Absolutely; essentially, a capsule wardrobe keeps dressing simple! You can actually achieve a greater number of outfit combinations with a capsule wardrobe and utilise accessories to give the illusion of an entirely different outfit.

A key tip is being clever with proportions and colours as these factors have the potential to be mixed and matched for various occasions. For example, a simplistic yet elegant shift dress could be paired with a blazer for the office followed by trainers and a denim jacket for weekend-wear.

How would you describe the step-by-step process of creating a capsule wardrobe?

Well, first and foremost, it is paramount to truly understand and analyse what you typically do on a daily basis. Once this is established, it is fairly simple to create a capsule wardrobe truly catered towards your lifestyle needs.

Secondly, we would look to create key ‘occasion themes’ according to the lifestyle needs we established earlier; key occasion themes would typically include everyday, office, lounging, formal, accessories.

In my opinion, an everyday outfit must-have is a great pair of fitted jeans and a blouse or shirt that can be styled up or down. Plus, a dress that looks wonderful with boots, heels, sandals and trainers – depending on the season of course!

I adore the addition of a jacket into an everyday capsule wardrobe too as it can immediately dress up simple garments whilst still being fairly functional. I would suggest a lightweight, short jacket and a blazer as two staples.

If your daily lifestyle involves heading into a corporate office where the dress code is more formal, then a pair of trousers is essential. The smart casual track pant is on trend currently and is so versatile; create a smart casual look by pairing track pants such as ours with a jacket or team with a sumptuously soft cashmere jumper and sneakers for weekend luxe.

Also, it is key to note is that a great scarf is a fabulous accessory to have in your capsule wardrobe if you choose the right weight and colour way. It can also be worn as wrap to accompany more formal items. When it comes to shoes, I’d suggest using the colours in your accessories or scarf and sticking to a fairly neutral colour palette.

How many pieces should I have in my capsule wardrobe?

I would suggest at least 8 pieces, as styled above, encompassing the core items below: 

  1. Jeans
  2. Trousers
  3. Dress
  4. Jacket/Blazer
  5. Blouse
  6. Shirt
  7. Sweater
  8. Scarf 

What are your styling tips for creating outfit combinations from my capsule wardrobe?

My top tip is that you can absolutely create multiple looks by using accessories. By just changing your shoes – sneakers to heels – you can revitalise your looks!

Belts are a great way of creating different outfit combinations; you can completely alter the look and feel of a particular dress just by incorporating a belt.

Then, add a blazer, and you’re good to go!

How can I keep my ‘looks’ interesting with a reduced wardrobe?

Accessories! Also, never underestimate the benefit of playing around with proportions such as turning up a pair of denim jeans to transform them from day to night with heels or, transforming a fairly casual look with a dressier blouse. I personally adore sweaters over dresses which gives the illusion of a skirt and a top.

Should I look to purchase any new pieces for my capsule wardrobe?

One of our cashmere sweaters would be a great addition to your capsule wardrobe. Plus, one of our day dresses which can be easily worn with smart footwear for work and sneakers for the weekend. I’d suggest investing in a blazer too (an incredibly versatile and useful piece) which can be worn with jeans at the weekend and trousers for the working week.

Would you recommend having a separate work-wear capsule wardrobe?

I certainly don’t believe that you need a separate work-wear capsule wardrobe.  We are all always looking for ways to maximise our wardrobes and get the most from our purchases – which is where styling comes in. The same dress or trousers and a top can be styled very differently for casual wear to workwear as discussed earlier.


Thank you Sally! Are you thinking about creating a capsule wardrobe? We’d be delighted to see how you style your purchases. Simply tag @Abifisherltd on Instagram and use the hashtag #MyAbiFisherStyle.